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BeastMode Throwers specializes in Athletes ages 6 -18 in Shotput, Discus, Turbo Javelin, and Javelin.


Our Philosophy is “Train to have the best Technique in the ring.”


BeastMode Throwers train our athletes to have the proper technique in shotput (Glide and Spin) and Full Circle spin in Discus.


BeastMode Throwers trains the proper techniques for Turbo Javelin and Javelin.


Benefits of Joining:


  • Experienced Coaches that trained 31 Junior Olympic Qualifiers. This includes six National Champions and two age world records.


  • Practice with Athletes that are National Champions. Two Athletes hold Age World Records in Shotput and Javelin.


  • Chance to Join an Elite Traveling Team to compete Nationwide.


  • Discounts on Throwing Clinics taught by Experienced Coaches and Athletes with National Championship Experience.


  • BeastMode Throwers believes in a competitive atmosphere where each youth athlete is properly trained to excel in competition.